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“ Mommy Watch Me Dance ”: ages 20 months to young 3 years old. This is an exciting class for the tiny dancers!! They will learn a dance for the dance recital in May and they will learn to tumble on the mats, walk on a mini balance beam and jump on a mini trampoline. We will work on large motor skills like jumping, skipping and galloping and they will learn to take turns in line. They will learn basic ballet terminology and dance moves through creative movement!! This is a half hour class one day per week. $42/month. 

“ Toddler Boys Rockin and Rollin ”: ages 20 months to young 3 years old. The boys will be able to wear off some of their built up energy when they learn to walk on the balance beam, jump on the mini trampoline and do somersaults on the mats. They will also work on their large motor skills by hopping, jumping, skipping and galloping. They will also work on their listening skills and taking turns in line. This will be a structured class that will run monthly and they will keep learning new skills as they continue to progress. This is a half hour class one day per week. $42/month. 

"Baton and Dance Class":  All baton and dance classes are a combination class and are offered to boys and girls ages 2 and up.  Classes are a half class at $42/month for the younger students and an 45 minute class for the older or more advanced students.  The 45 minute class is $48/month.

“ Baton and Hippity Hop Class ”: This is a super fun class for the 3-5 year olds. They will learn a baton routine and a hip-hop dance for the dance recital. This is a 45 minute class and will focus on the basic baton twirls, marching, rhythm and hand eye co-ordination with the baton as well as learning dance terminology and dance moves. Batons are special ordered and are $50 each. The class is $48/month. 

“ Pom and Dance Classes ”: This is a new and upbeat class for those interested in pom pom dance and hip-hop/jazz dance. The pom team will march in parades and be in the recital and they will also learn a hip-hop or jazz dance. The class is offered to all age groups from 4 years old and up. This is a 45 minute class and is $48/month. Poms will be special ordered. 

“ Boys Hip-Hop and Tumbling Class ”: This is a special fun-filled class just for boys!! They will learn basic tumbling and be able to show off some cool hip-hop moves when they learn a hip-hop dance for the recital. This is offered to boy's ages 4 to 10 years old. This is a half hour class one day per week and is $42/month. 

“ Tap, Jazz and Baton Classes ”: These classes are open to all boys and girls ages 20 months and up. 

“ Ballet ”: An introduction to the art of ballet, basic ballet positions and becoming more graceful. They will be learning a dance for the dance recital in May.This is a half hour class one day per week and is $42/month. 

“ Tap ”:An introduction to the basic tap dancing steps. They will be learning a special routine for the dance recital. This is a half hour class one day per week and is $42/month. 

"Hip-Hop":  This is a fun and exciting upbeat class where they will learn a hip-hop dance with new and cool hip-hop moves.  Ages 8 and up.  This class is a half hour class and meets one day per week and is $42/month.

“ Special Needs ”: This is a new class where children in wheelchairs can attend a class with their care givers. I would like to open it to those with down syndrome and other special needs as well. 

All phases of baton and dance will be offered including: ribbon dancing, clogging, modern, Irish dance, tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, preschool dance with tumbling, boys classes, cheer camp, as well as, 1,2 and 3 baton, majorette lines, strutting, modeling, pom, fire baton and knife twirling, solo lessons and group classes. 

Our competition teams are looking for new members who are willing to travel and dance and twirl throughout the year. Our teams are ranked in the state, regional and national levels!! Come and join the fun!  Please contact Angel for more info.

There will be a $35 registration fee/family and a $40 recital fee/family. 

Each class will learn one or two routines that will be performed in our dance recital.

Costumes for the dance and baton show are $65/costume.

Fundraisers are available to earn money for costumes to those who want to do them!

To register for classes, please call Angel Dunlap at 740-369-0244 or 740-815-2069 or email - twrltchr@aol.com. All classes will start the first week of October and are held at Mingo Park Rec Center in the Hilborn Room. 

There will be special pricing for families who have more than one child participating in any of the classes. 


*Dance like there's nobody watching


 *Keep calm and twirl


  *Baton IS a sport no matter how              

much glitter is involved!!


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      ​Tiny Dancers

Angel's Hi-Steppers

2017 National Baton Twirling Team Champions in the Preteen Beginner Division